Friedrich Müller
Geoinformation Scientist*Engineer of Surveying and Geoinformatics*Geospecialist


About Me

I am definitely a guy for the whole story. This means my education and practical experiences cover the process from data acquisition over data processing to final analysis results and visualizations with state of the art geoinformatic technologies.
After rewarded my diploma as Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) Surveying and Geoinformatics (∅2.1), I made high interdisciplinary working experiences as Surveying Engineer/Project Supervisor dealing with divers surveying, calculation and GIS tasks. Detailed information you get here:»Experiences.« I decided to broaden my horizon and deepen my geoinformatic knowledge with a master study program geoinformatics @ IFGI Münster that I finished 9/2015 (∅1.4). After that I worked as a software developer at Hansa Luftbild AG dealing mainly with international cadastre projects until I decided to enter a more research-oriented job as Analyst - Spatial and Geospatial Data at the Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Göttingen. Now I am into municipal geodata management.

Besides the interest of geo-technologies that help the user to gain meaningful, helpful data, I like environmental modelling, creating WebGIS applications, using semantic technologies, open data and open source software in order to solve real-world problems. Further »Skills&Interests«.

In my leisure time I like outdoor activities like hiking, bouldering and I am a passionate mountainbiker.


M.Sc. Geoinformatics ∅1.4,
Research Assistant

  • Master thesis: 'A Linked Data-based Web-GIS approach cancer related epidemiological application' ∅1.2
    Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Edzer Pebesma, Prof. Dr. Werner Kuhn

    The thesis examines how linked spatio-temporal data can help improve cancer cluster investigation approaches. In order to answer this question the thesis presents a prototypical tool that supports specialists and non-specialists of semantic information systems to make a first survey of cancer-suspicious regions with focus on environmental data. The developed prototype application serves as exploration and information tool for the specific epidemiological use case. The concept and first functional requirements of the prototype were defined in collaboration with the Institute of Epidemiology and Social Medicine (IES) Münster. The application development process was conducted in an agile, iterative manner. Feedback of meetings were integrated directly into the development process. Semi-structured interviews of participants with epidemiological background and expert interviews with experienced people in the field of GIS and semantic technologies evaluated qualitatively the final version of the Linked Data based prototype. One key result is that the previous unstructured recherche of cause-effect knowledge from International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) monographs is structured, linked with spatial information and can be accessed by applications. Another key results is that the presented prototype can support spatiotemporal data exploratory through Linked Data querying and background information recherche tasks by discovering related links of resources in cancer cluster investigations.

    »See full thesis abstract«

  •   Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) Surveying and Geoinformatics ∅2.1

  • Diploma thesis: 'Dreidimensionale Darstellungsmöglichkeiten in Earth Browsern' ∅1.0
    The thesis deals with data aquisition techniques (photogrammetry in combination with totalstation), data processing and modelling with open software and works out in a practical part how high precision models can be achieved. Moreover it reviews the different available earth browsers and involved techniques like bundle block adjustment,KML,COLLADA, GML etc.
  • »FH Würzburg 3D Modell Example«

  •   General qualification for university entrance ∅2.1


    »Stadt Krefeld«

      since 10/19

    Geodata management, Webservices, Masterportal

    Developer Geoinformation Services

    Analyst-Spatial and Geospatial Data

    »Hansa Luftbild AG«

    Geoservice company Münster

    Software Developer

  • International cadastre projects
  • EU research projects

  • Research Assistant

  • Supervise the »CancerExplorer«Project
  • Diverse contributions within »LODUM«Group

  • Tutor

  • Lab lectures and correction of student tasks

  • »Alpha Vermessung«

    Engineering company Würzburg
      02/10 - 03/13

    Surveying Engineer/Project Supervisor

  • High interdisciplinary workings in engineering and cadastre field
  • Planning and Coordination of surveying projects, supervision of apprentices
  • Data acquisition, processing, analysis, administration and visualizations
  • Adaption, development of GIS software and tools

  • »Noack Ingenieure«

    Engineering Company, Lillesand Norway
      02/08 - 05/08

    Student Apprentice

  • Surveying supervision with data and field (GPS, Totalstation) work of the large-scale motorway project »PPP project E18
    Grimstad - Kristiansand«

  • »Alpha Vermessung«

    Engineering company Würzburg
      10/06 - 01/07

    Student Apprentice

  • Workings in engineering and cadastre surveying

  •   Miscellaneous

    »Press article Stolpersteineportal«

    Article about a geoportal on basis of the masterportal software

    »Blog contributions«


    »FOSSGIS 2015«

    Conference for free and open source software for geoinformation systems

    & Interests

    Web Technologies (OGC Services,...), Semantic Technologies (RDF, OWL, SPARQL, Apache Jena,Triplestores...), Javascript, Different Libraries, Frameworks (JQUERY, D3, AngularJS,...), R, LUA&TerraME, PostgreSQL & PostGIS, Geoserver, Geospatial data & Geospatial databases, Linux&Windows Server,OGC Standards,Virtual and Augmented Reality
    Experiences with: Python, JAVA, C++, Arcobjects,C#
    Using&Modifying Geo-Software: CAD (e.g. AutoCAD), Adjustment Software (e.g. Caplan), GIS(ArcGIS, Geomedia, QGIS,...)
    Data Collectors: GPS, Laser Scanner, Total Stations, Photogrammetry

    Open Data, WebGIS, Map Visualizations, Data Acquisition Techniques, Semantic Web, Environmental Modelling, Solving Interdisciplinary Problems With Geoinformatics, Standards&Guidelines, Data Privacy